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    Because we work with renowned A-brands, we are not open and exposed about the trade that we have in stock. We do this so that our suppliers (who have spent years building their brand) do not want to be shortchanged. We therefore protect the brands of our suppliers and work with personalized offers. You can register as a potential customer at Zerostock and you will be offered new batches every week by WhatsApp and by email.

    In this way we prevent brands from encountering their own products online at dump prices. As a result, we offer an exclusive service to our supplier and our customers. Sign up and receive our current stocks every week.

    Our latest sold products

    Chips uit een restpartij voedingsmidellen
    kaarsen uit een restpartij overvoorraad woondecoratie
    Zwembad van een restpartij oude voorraad uit een zomer assortiment
    Speelgoed beer uit een restpartij speelgoed
    Pannen uit een restpartij keukengerief
    Wasmachine uit een restpartij mixpallets huishoudelijke apparaten
    Handoeken uit een restpartij huishoudelijke producten
    Nieuw gereedschap uit de voorraad van opkoper Zerostock
    Payment within 1 hour
    10.000m² warehouse
    Full care
    Sell outside your sales area

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    Experiences of our partners

    bedrijfslogo van onze partner Jamani


    Zerostock is an honest and above all accessible party with whom we have been working very pleasantly for three years now. With a party like Zerostock you always know where you stand, great if you want to get rid of residual and batch trade quickly.

    bedrijfslogo van onze partner Hema

    Stein Loyalty

    Since 2019, Zerostock has been our permanent partner in buying up the remainder of our savings campaigns. Fair in terms of sales restrictions and distribution channels and a fair price. An ideal partner for us.

    bedrijfslogo van onze partner Canenco


    Zerostock is a reliable party. They always communicate clearly and quickly and bids are also made quickly. The financial settlement is also smooth and fast.


    Craft Creative Group

    The way of doing business is fast and honest, which appeals to me enormously. Also good opportunities with parties outside Europe.
    A young, fast-growing company with guys who understand the trade!

    Our partners

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    bedrijfslogo van onze partner Hema
    bedrijfslogo van onze partner BigBazar
    bedrijfslogo van onze partner Kruidvat
    bedrijfslogo van onze partner Coolblue
    Bedrijfslogo van onze partner BK
    bedrijfslogo van onze partner P&G
    bedrijfslogo van onze partner Hasbro

    Purchasing & Sales process without worries

    The same goes for the run-up to it, do you any have questions or do you need help? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.