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Selling inventory

Zerostock, your reliable buyer of different types of inventory. As an experienced buyer, we offer our services for businesses looking to sell their excess inventory. Our expertise lies in buying up various types of inventory, including catering inventory, stock, shelving, shop inventory, supermarket inventory and more.

We understand that selling inventory can be a time-consuming process and that it is not always easy to find a buyer who offers a fair price. That is why we offer you a reliable and fast solution. With our years of experience and knowledge of the market, we always offer you a fair price for your surplus inventory.

Buying up catering inventory

As a buyer of catering inventory, we are interested in various types of equipment, such as tables, chairs, refrigerators, ovens and fryers. Whether it is a complete restaurant or just part of the inventory, we always offer a fair price.

Buying up shop inventory

As a shop stock buyer, we are interested in buying up different types of stock, such as overstock, bankruptcy stock, overstock, seasonal products and more. Whether small or large lots, we always offer a suitable solution.

Buying up company inventory

Zerostock is also the right place for business inventory. Whether it is shop inventory or shelving or rolling stock you want to sell. With us as a buyer, you will get a fair price.

Buying commercial furniture

If you are looking for a buyer for your business furniture, Zerostock is the right place. Whether you want to sell an entire office inventory or just a few pieces, as a professional buyer we will offer you a suitable solution.

Scaffolding for sale

Do you own a hall full of old or surplus shelving? At Zerostock, we are always interested in your surplus racking material. We offer a complete package: from buying up the racks to handing over the space in which the racks are located. Our experienced team takes care of dismantling the sold racks and ensures a spotless delivery.

How does the purchasing process go

1 Taxation

After completing a free taxation online, you will receive a response within 24 hours.

2 Price agreement

Agreements regarding price, restrictions and collection conditions are established in agreement with both parties. 100% transparency in advance.

3 Payment

After receipt of the invoice, it will be paid in advance by Zerostock within 1 hour.

4 Transport

We ensure that your goods are collected quickly (often within 24 hours!) using our own transport.

Payment within 1 hour
10.000m² warehouse
Full care
Sell outside your sales area
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More information?

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Experiences of our partners

bedrijfslogo van onze partner Jamani


Zerostock is an honest and above all accessible party with whom we have been working very pleasantly for three years now. With a party like Zerostock you always know where you stand, great if you want to get rid of residual and batch trade quickly.

bedrijfslogo van onze partner Hema

Stein Loyalty

Since 2019, Zerostock has been our permanent partner in buying up the remainder of our savings campaigns. Fair in terms of sales restrictions and distribution channels and a fair price. An ideal partner for us.

bedrijfslogo van onze partner Canenco


Zerostock is a reliable party. They always communicate clearly and quickly and bids are also made quickly. The financial settlement is also smooth and fast.


Craft Creative Group

The way of doing business is fast and honest, which appeals to me enormously. Also good opportunities with parties outside Europe.
A young, fast-growing company with guys who understand the trade!

Our partners

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Purchasing & Sales process without worries

The same goes for the run-up to it, do you any have questions or do you need help? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.