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Pim Reijerink

Purchase and Sales


Immediately after my MBO study in international wholesale, I started working for a trading company. Here I got to know all facets of international party trade in 7 years. My big dream was always to start my own company where I can make all decisions from A-Z. Once, I met Mickey van den Borst and after several conversations it turned out that we have the same vision on many things. In addition, our skills and experience are complementary, and we decided to set up company Zerostock together and exchange the certainty for entrepreneurship. Honesty, agreement is agreement and prompt processing of orders are things you can expect from us. I am 24/7 available to you for all your questions about our trade. You can find my contact details on the contact page.

‘’Pay fast, appointment is appointment, honestly is the most important thing, always build relations for the long-term’’

Mickey van den Borst

Purchase and Sales

+31 622887011

From the early days of the internet, I was importing sunglasses from China and selling them to my high school camrades when i was 14 years old. I decided I only had one goal in life, trading goods inside my own company. Easier said than done, after finishing my bilingual VWO education during high school, I decided to follow university (because that was the smartest thing to do, they said…). After one year I quit because I hate learning theories invented by old philosophers who were long dead. I wanted to trade and commercialise. I started HBO Commercial economics at the HAN in Nijmegen. Here is where I found the love for trading, I learned all the details about sales and marketing. I followed an internship in China, from where I was buying products for famous Dutch companies. I lived here for a year, learning the good and bad ways of the China export. Gained knowledge about prices, products, quality and transportation. After this amazing experience, I became an internship at the Netherlands biggest stocklot buying company. After a period of 6 months I stayed to become a purchaser for the company.

During this period, together with my 2 colleagues we were responsible for buying over 2000 different stocklots, companies, bankrupcies, inventories, assortment changes, furniture and shop returns. From big construction companies with heavy machinery, till 21 trailers of lighting, nothing was strange during this time. My heart starting beating for the trade and his various products and customers all over the world. I only missed one thing, to follow my dream of having my own company, and sharing my strengths and weaknesses with a trustworthy companion, to laugh, share and trade happily with. That’s when my biggest competitor became my fellow companion, living in the dream we both had.

‘’live for the long term, cherish your relationships, be who you are, and follow up the promises you make’’

Jop Peeters

Logistics & Sales


My name is Jop Peeters, born in Venlo and living in Beesel. I started my studies in Belgium with the study social technical sciences. However, this study was too far removed from my personal interests and ambitions. I soon realized that I wanted to work in a practical manner and that I wanted to develop in the logistics and international trade sector.
Scheduling transports, arranging shipments, checking incoming goods flows, maintaining contacts with suppliers and customers are part of my daily activities. I do this in combination with a piece of sales and relationship management.
If you have any questions about products, shipments or sales related questions, then you've come to the right place. I am available 24/7 via [email protected] or on +31683811355.

Maikel Schaefer


My name is Maikel Schaefer and I live in Reuver. In recent years my work environment has looked completely different. I have been working in the roofing trade since I was 18 years old. In doing so, I (as a foreman) enjoyed, among other things, the contact with clients, customers and suppliers. However, after working in this profession for a decade, I was looking for more diversity in the daily work and opportunities to further develop myself. During this search Zerostock came my way. It soon became clear to me that I can realize these wishes at Zerostock.
If you have any logistics or commercial related questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can reach me via [email protected]

Tom Lagas


My name is Tom Lagas, born in Winterswijk. After 4 years of study at "sports and exercise" at the ROC in Twente, I soon realized that this was not what I was looking for. I felt the need to learn more about entrepreneurship. After which I soon decided to start a new training called "Craftsman Entrepreneurship".
This included an internship where people could actively participate and all aspects of entrepreneurship were shown. I came into contact with Pim within my social network. During my search I soon ended up at Zerostock.
At Zerostock I hope to develop myself further as a person and in all aspects of business. I notice that the fast-paced world of international trade really appeals to me and I hope to be able to develop myself further at Zerostock in the coming years.

Valdemar op het Veld


My name is Valdemar Op het Veld, I live in Venlo. Lived in Kenya for the first 6 years of my life. I am currently in my final phase of my studies as Assistant Manager International Trade. Here I learn the practical side of trading on an international level, which strategies to apply and what to pay attention to when trading with other countries.
From an early age I have found working and trading very fun and interesting, especially looking for products that have an added value for others motivates me.
Within Zerostock I will mainly be involved in purchasing, selling products and maintaining relationships with partners.



Norbert is our administrative legend, after a life-time carreer at different large accounting firms, with my overload of cuteness i decided to help my brothers out at Zerostock. With a lifetime of experience, sending out invoices, chasing after debtors and paying the invoices we receive, I am the one you are looking for if you have any questions regarding finance.

I make sure you will receive a payment as fast as possible. With one paw at the button, you will receive our bid on your bank account. I am the one sending you the invoices, and I will remind you to pay. If you are not paying on time, I will find you.
Woef woef woef

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