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Buyer of garden items

Do you have a physical store or a webshop where you specialize in garden items? Then you also have to deal with old collections, overstock and returns. This often remains, because it can no longer be sold, and it is precisely these items that ensure that your warehouse slowly starts to fill up. A waste of your space, but also of the garden items. Zerostock is a buyer of garden items, and can therefore ensure that you get your space back.

Zerostock, what is that?

As you could read briefly above, Zerostock is a company that specializes in buying garden items, among other things. It is a transparent and young company that buys all kinds of non-food stocks in many different branches. This is often the case with large companies, because they have to deal with a lot of overstock, but there are also opportunities for smaller companies. Do you have to deal with overstock, factory batches, old stock or returns? Then Zerostock can probably buy this up. In addition, goods that have become available in the event of a merger, bankruptcy or termination of the company can also be purchased.

A buyer means that all possible types of goods and products are bought up. This ensures that your warehouse is no longer full of products that can no longer be sold. Even if you mainly sell garden items, it may well be that you are left with old stock, especially because these types of products are often sensitive to trends. If you want Zerostock to buy up your old stock, all you have to do is contact us. We will then make an offer for all the products you want to get rid of. After you have agreed to this, the amount will be transferred to you and we will pick up the products within 48 hours.

Which garden items can be purchased?

As a buyer of garden items, we buy a lot. You can think of garden furniture, tables, chairs, sofas and sun loungers, but also everything that goes with it. Parasols, awnings, planters, pergolas, lighting and much more. Do you doubt whether we can also buy the garden items in your warehouse? Then please contact us.

After we have bought and collected the products, they are divided into 3 categories, namely:

A-choice goods – These are products that only have packaging damage. The product itself is still completely new, but the packaging has been opened or is slightly damaged.

B-choice goods – This concerns new products that have a small scratch or dent. These products work as they should.

C-choice goods – These are also new products, but there is visible damage. This is more damage than just a small scratch or dent.

In addition to garden items and other products, we also purchase inventories from the catering industry, companies and shops. In addition, it is even possible to offer large machines to us. These naturally require a specific value. We will therefore always come by for a valuation before the sale can go ahead.

Offer garden items at Zerostock

Would you like to offer your garden items? Then this can be arranged very easily. First of all, you need to contact us by means of the valuation form or by calling us. This is important, because in this way information can be passed on about the articles. After that, an appointment will be made where we will visit you to take a good look at all the products.

If this all went well, we will make an offer to you. If you agree with this, we will immediately arrange the payment. We will then arrange the transport of the items as soon as possible. We collect it from you, so that you no longer have to worry about it and have enough space in the warehouse again.

At Zerostock we are always looking for old stocks, returns, overstock or factory batches, so there is a good chance that we will also accept your garden items. Are you unsure about this or do you have another question? Then you are of course always free to contact us. We are happy to explain how everything works. You can also fill in a valuation form free of charge and without obligation via our website.