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Buy Amazon returns

Amazon is a very large company that receives many new orders every day. However, part of these orders are returned, for example because there is damage to the product or its packaging, or because the customer ordered the wrong product. These returns are then stored in the warehouse, where they often remain. Returns can no longer be sold to customers, and in this way take up an increasingly larger place within the warehouse.

We at Zerostock can buy these Amazon returns, so that you no longer have an overcrowded warehouse and the returns do not lie endlessly.

How do we work at Zerostock?

Zerostock is a company that is transparent and young, and specializes in buying returns, non-food batch trade in various industries. This often concerns large companies such as Amazon, because they have a large warehouse. however, it is also possible for a small company to contact us. We buy your Amazon returns, but you can also contact us if there is overstock, old stock or factory batches. In addition, it is also possible to contact us when it comes to goods that have become available during a merger, the termination of a company or bankruptcy.

We buy almost all possible types of goods and products from you, so that your warehouse is no longer full of Amazon returns that you can no longer use. When you contact us, we will ask you for more information, so that a valuation can be made. In some cases it is also necessary for us to visit you to view the returns. After this we will make an offer to you. If you agree with this, we will transfer the amount to you and we will often collect the Amazon returns from you within 48 hours.

It is a great advantage for you that we collect the returns from you, because that way you no longer have to worry about them. In addition, it is also possible to indicate certain areas where we are not allowed to offer the returns for sale.

Which Amazon returns do we buy?

In principle, we buy all returns from you. You can think of toys and home accessories, but also computers, electronics, clothing, lighting and products from the drugstore. Do you doubt whether your returns can be bought by us? Then you can of course always contact us.

After we have collected the returns from you, we will divide them into 3 categories, these are:

A-choice – These are goods that only have packaging damage. The product itself is still completely new, but the packaging has been opened or is slightly damaged.

B-Choice– These are new products that have a small scratch or dent. These products work as they should.

C-choice – These are also new products, but there is visible damage. This is more damage than just a small scratch or dent.

In addition to buying Amazon returns, we also buy inventories from the catering industry, shops and companies. In addition, it is also possible to offer large machines to us. Because this concerns very specific products, a valuation is always necessary. Without this valuation it is not possible to proceed with a sale.

Offer Amazon returns

If you would like to offer your Amazon returns to us, this can be done very easily by means of the valuation form or by calling us. We will then ask you for more information so that the value can be determined and we can make an offer to you. If it is necessary for us to visit you, an appointment will be made for this. After determining the value, a bid is made. If you agree with this, the amount will be transferred to you and we will often collect the Amazon returns from you within 48 hours.