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Buying stock

Do you supply products from your own stock, but do they sell poorly? As a company, it can be very disadvantageous when you have to deal with stock that you have left over. Inventory is also calculated in your accounting, so costs can be a burden on your shoulder. In addition, the remaining stock will reduce the storage capacity of new products. Want to get rid of your inventory so you can start all over again? Have you recently been declared bankrupt and are you looking for a party to buy up the remaining stock if the company is terminated? We can help you purchase stock, so you no longer have to deal with high storage costs.

When to buy storage?

Due to changing consumer needs, your product may no longer be relevant to the market. There is an oversupply: supply exceeds demand. In this case, you will be left with one inventory and you may not be able to sell it anymore. Because obsolete inventory is often associated with high costs, it is important to get rid of this inventory. This is to limit costs, but also to increase the storage capacity of new products. If your storage is mainly dead stock, then that is of course a shame. We are happy to help you with the purchase of the remaining stock.