What do we sell?

Activa laten opkopen - Zerostock, wij kopen uw voorraden!


Inventaris laten opkopen - Zerostock, wij kopen uw voorraden!


Partijen en restanten laten opkopen door Zerostock - Zerostock, wij kopen uw voorraden!



Buying our assets

there can be multiple reasons why you want to sell your assets through an stocklot buyer/ surplus buyer. You are in the posession of old stock, slow moving goods, or seasonal articles. A change in your assortment can also be a reason that you can not sell certain assets. Zerostock knows how to manage to buy your assets and liquidize them.

Zerostock stocklot purchaser relieves you buy buying all your overstocks, stocklots, business assets, non-salable goods, machinery or inventory at once. Because of this you liquidise all your solid assets, which you can re-invest in your company. Want to sell your assets or inventory? Fill in the free taxation form .

Our buying process

Gratis online waardebepaling. Binnen 24 uur reactie - Zerostock, wij kopen uw voorraden!1


Fill in taxation form. Know your value within a day
Binnen 2 dagen maken wij met u een afspraak.  Zerostock, wij kopen uw voorraden!2


We'll plan a meeting
Betaling, wij voorzien u direct van onze bieding.  Zerostock, wij kopen uw voorraden!3


We'll pay a fair price
Transport, wij zorgen dat uw goederen naar onze opslag worden getransporteerd. Zerostock, wij kopen uw voorraden!4


We'll transport the goods

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