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We see that there are many companies that have to deal with old stocks that are not used. This may concern stocks that unfortunately cannot be sold, but also the storage of certain items for the office. It would of course be ideal if you could sell these items in order to still generate turnover. To ensure this, you have come to the right place. We are at your service as a buyer for all types of goods in the field of stocks of companies and organizations.

What do we actually do as a buyer?

As is in fact already clear from the name, you have come to the right place for selling all possible types of goods and products. We do this especially for companies that have to deal with large-scale stocks that they cannot dispose of. Before you dispose of the items, give the amount for the items in advance. The items themselves will be collected from your company. This ensures that you no longer have to worry about this yourself.

What kind of stuff do we buy?

You may be wondering what types of items we buy, view an overview below:

  • Buyer Machines
  • Buyer Commercial Furniture
  • Buyer Catering inventory
  • Buyer Stocks
  • Buyer Party trade
  • Buyer Business Inventory
  • Buyer ICT and electronics
  • Buyer Return Goods
  • Buyer Store Stock
  • Buyer Remnants
  • Buyer Statements

Request a valuation?

Our buyers assess your goods and make you a no-obligation offer within 12 hours. If you agree, payment will follow within 1 hour and the goods will be collected within 48 hours.

Request a valuation without obligation.