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Toy buyer

As buyers, we have years of experience with the purchase of toys and games. Whether it concerns surplus stocks, remnants, returns, residual batches, factory remnants, overproduction, balance clearances, B-choice items or sample collections; Then you are at the right address with us as buyers to sell you toys or games.

Do you have toys or games that are in your way or of which you find a pallet in the warehouse that has long been written off, please contact us and we will come by for a viewing of the toys and games. Based on a number of factors, we will immediately make an offer and negotiate it. It is also not unimportant that we can guarantee that we will always pay in advance, and that we will plan the transport as soon as possible so that that annoying pallet is out of your reach.

Buyer zerostock is interested in:

  • All lots of toys and games
  • Toy/model cars
  • Radio controlled toy
  • Games (board games, card games, skill games, etc.)
  • Dolls and accessories
  • Plush and cuddly toys
  • Baby and toddler toys
  • Wooden toy
  • Puzzles
  • Other batches of toys and games