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You have a batch of goods with a (production) defect. It can no longer be sold through the normal route. Still, you will have to get rid of it, because you can no longer do anything with it. Get in touch quickly! Opkoper Zerostock will gladly visit you for an assessment of your surplus goods. Completely free of charge and without obligation, of course. Make an appointment, within or outside shop hours.

A production error can always occur, but we as buyers from Zerostock know how to deal with it. This often involves entire batches in which a production error has occurred, which is not a problem because we as Zerostock buyers love batch trading. It is also no problem for us as buyers if it concerns entire containers with production errors. Because we as buyers also buy up containers. In principle, it does not matter which goods have a production error, as long as the price is right and as soon as we can do something with the product, we will buy it from you.