IT and electronics

Do you also have a company where there is a lot of changes in the IT, changing to the cloud, getting rid of the old IT (monitors, desktops, servers). Please feel free to sell your IT to Zerostock. Old IT equiptment mostly contains detailed and private information of you or your employees. This equipment needs to be wiped professionally, we ensure you that there will be no data left, due to certified wipement. But which company does buy old IT equipment? Zerostock does! We make sure that you contribute to an green and circular way of doing business, by giving your IT equipment a second chance.

Don’t let IT changes lead to unnecessary warehouse costs, but sell your IT in a trustworthy way, which ensures you the guarantee that no private information can be found in the streets.

Do you also want to sell your electronics or IT equipment, including monitors, displays, servers, audio equipment and much more? Fill in the free taxation report. And sell your IT equipment to stocklots purchaser Zerostock. U will receive a respond within 24 hours.

Zerostock is worldwide known for it's following services:

- Selling assets
- Selling inventory
- Selling stocklots

Zerostock stocklot purchaser relieves you buy buying all your overstocks, stocklots, business assets, non-salable goods, machinery or inventory at once. Because of this you liquidise all your solid assets, which you can re-invest in your company. Want to sell your assets or inventory? Fill in our taxation form/offer form .

Zerostock is mostly interested in stocklots of consumer goods, business goods, stocklots, business assets, overproductions, bankruptcies, end of life products, commodities, lots, B-choice and much more. Zerostock stocklots combines an honest way of doing business with a fast way of working in making an appointment, negotiating, making a bid, transporting the stock and evaluate the cooperation. Zerostock always pays in advance, before any of the products leave your warehouse. So if you want to sell your stock, you have no financial risk. Zerostock stocklots makes sure that your complete warehouse/shop/company is cleaned after the stock is removed, which makes sure that you have a clean warehouse after Zerostock leaves. Do you want more information regarding selling your assets to Zerostock stock purchaser?

Ofcourse you can fill in a free taxation form on our website. U will receive an appropriate bid on your stock within 24 hours. If we are interested we will visit the lot and make an offer on the spot. Want to know more about our advantages?

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