Zerostock buying your furniture

Do you have a company which has an excess of furniture, is renewing your furniture, or just want to sell your furniture? Please do not hesitate to contact purchaser Zerostock. We are ready for all sorts of furniture, new or used, it's all suited for Zerostock. What does not have any value for you, might be gold for our customers abroad. We buy your furniture!

We also contribute to a circular way of entrepreneurship. A circular economy, a economy where your company contributes to giving a second life to your furniture. We are giving your furniture a second life. We can think cradle to cradle, for your cicular solution. We buy your furniture and give it a second life in countries abroad. Do you also want corporate social responsibility (CSR) or are you also starting up circular processes at your company? Please contact us. Buyer Zerostock can also advise you on the best processes with regard to circular entrepreneurship. You will receive a response from us within 24 hours. If interested, we can also schedule an appointment on location and together we drink a nice cup of coffee to get to know each other better and to look for possibilities for buying up your furniture.

Zerostock is worldwide known for it's following services:

- Selling assets
- Selling inventory
- Selling stocklots

Zerostock stocklot purchaser relieves you buy buying all your overstocks, stocklots, business assets, non-salable goods, machinery or inventory at once. Because of this you liquidise all your solid assets, which you can re-invest in your company. Want to sell your assets or inventory? Fill in our taxation form/offer form .

Zerostock is mostly interested in stocklots of consumer goods, business goods, stocklots, business assets, overproductions, bankruptcies, end of life products, commodities, lots, B-choice and much more. Zerostock stocklots combines an honest way of doing business with a fast way of working in making an appointment, negotiating, making a bid, transporting the stock and evaluate the cooperation. Zerostock always pays in advance, before any of the products leave your warehouse. So if you want to sell your stock, you have no financial risk. Zerostock stocklots makes sure that your complete warehouse/shop/company is cleaned after the stock is removed, which makes sure that you have a clean warehouse after Zerostock leaves. Do you want more information regarding selling your assets to Zerostock stock purchaser?

Ofcourse you can fill in a free taxation form on our website. U will receive an appropriate bid on your stock within 24 hours. If we are interested we will visit the lot and make an offer on the spot. Want to know more about our advantages?

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